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Latest Blog Directory submission-2018

Blog Submission Sites:

A blog directory is a type of web directory which has list of the blogs. These blogs are generally a type of website and are also known by the name of weblogs. These blogs are updated by the individual person or some group of people frequently and they are listed as posts. There are millions of blogs where the posts are listed daily all over the globe.

Advantages ofBlog Submission Sites:

The main advantage of blog submission sites is with the help of blog submission sites, the people can find the blogs easily for which they have interest as the list is sorted and properly managed in the blog. There are already so many advanced blog directories. There is a special feature that there are some reviews available or some human edited descriptions with the listed blogs with the help of advanced directory. The users can more easily find the blogs they are looking for with the help of these blogs.

Generally a search engine works on the basis of keywords, but a blog submission sites works on the basis of browsing and some more categorizations. They are kept in the blog submission sites according to the themes of the blogs.

Structure of Blog Submission Sites:

The structure of anyblog directory is a tree structure and so that a blog can be placed in more than one category. Then it will be very easy for the user because the user can directly start from the directory tree for the searching of a particular blog. Users can move from the category to the sub-category and they will get to see all the blogs that are listed in a particular category. The blog directories also have some features of search engine.

Procedure for Blog Submission sites:

Procedure to do Blog Submission is the blog directory is most likely same like submitting your sites to general web directory, but unfortunately the difference is like while general web directory keeps rejecting free hosted blog like: wordpress.com or .blogspot.com the blog directory accept them. It means they may have low quality of listing editorial.

Some of Best Blog Submission Sites

There are many best blog directories available where your blog can be listed and reach to the people. Some of them are as follows:

  • Jayde: If your blog is an official part of some business site and you require its free listing you can use this blog directory. The search results can be send on top with Jayde by using algorithm named as ClickRelevance on the basis of the interactions of the user. The business site must possess its own domain to get listed.
  • EatonWeb: This is considered to be one of the oldest blog directories. Here, your blog will be listed with a big site and it will get ratings as well.
  • BlogHints: In 2006, this Blog Directory was created and still working until today, so this can be considered as one of famous directory.

Benefits of doing Blog Submission

There are many benefitswith the blog directory through which you can increase the traffic over your site. You have many chances to earn huge profits with this mechanism.

Some of the excellent benefits are as follows:
  • Your website gets permanently listed within some other reputed website.
  • The Backlinks within your website increases.
  • The anchor texts are used within the hyperlinks so as to popularize your own links.
  • You get the guarantee of effective indexing with the search engines.
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