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Sixpath Technologies for Mobile Application Services, why?

We develop most reliable and fastest mobile applications. We develop applications by understanding your business needs. We not only deal with functionalities but also your client requirements. We analyze the stake holders of your business. Uniqueness is our biggest strength. This helps us to lead the driving force of your business very successfully.

We provide various services and will be there with you at every stage. We will be there from the stage of building ideas to development. We provide frequent and responsive support with quality assurance.

mobile application service

Solution Provided:

Make the advantage of the mobile applications in your business. People are more likely spending much time on their mobiles. They like to have instant notifications and best interaction. Do you want your business to reach out best to your customers? Then why don’t you start with mobile applications that are featured unique by Sixpath technologies.

The basic and major advantage of mobile apps is you can store the data natively so use this technology as a major beneficial factor. Latest and advanced technology of hybrid applications is being implemented. Hybrid App consist of this excellent feature with more performance. They are portable and can be easily.

We build apps on various platforms. Each platform has its own features. High quality apps are built in following platforms.

  • Native
  • Web
  • Hybrid

Base on Your Requirement:

Content and functionality of your app will be framed out based on your business requirements. We justify whether your app required high graphic intensity. We also provide multi touch and other gestures. We deploy your application to work on wide range of devices.

Advanced Tools:

Various tools that are being used to build high proficient applications are as follows

  • Xcode
  • Corona SDK
  • HTML5 or Hybrid
  • iBook Author

We build apps that are highly portable and capable.

  • Xcode pros includes huge framework. Full access to all features on iOS. It can also be used for Apple Desktop application. It is used by highly proficient individuals and can be used only on Apple applications. This is best for applications that need native features.
  • Corona SDK uses language called Lua. This also consists of most native functionality. This must be distributed through app store. This is best for designing graphically 2d based games. SDK is prominent for applications that uses GPS, multi touch, Olefiant, Game center
  • HTML 5 is something that is simple and can be used to create hybrid app. The functionality of this is highly flexible and can be easily wrapped. The applications can be updated with most ease and can also be distributed without any app store. Development process is easier and less time consuming.


This consists of the code that has been already written. This helps to find the errors. There are many frameworks that come with SDK, HTML, Xcode.


There are several strategies that can one can apply for their business to choose mobile apps. The basic strategy is that the mobile applications are easy to access and quick to map the target needs of the audience.

They are optimized and specialized which helps to meet the specific tasks of the user right at the point of time. Mobile applications are great because they constantly remind your brand to the customers. This helps to improve your marketing.

Mobile applications help the users to access additional and device specific capabilities like identifying the geo location and by sending regular notifications regarding the business.

We make your application more flexible by designing it on multiple platforms and versioning for multiple App stores.

We use most advanced methodologies and technology to finish the product within the grace period and deliver our best. It saves your time and money.

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