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Creating a website or having well organized blog is not a super thing. Every blog and website has its own responsibilities. Fulfilling all the responsibilities and getting good business to your company is the best thing. Just by uploading your work is not completed you should take more responsive steps to make your website successful.

Importance of web maintenance:

Your website runs smoothly with regular maintenance. Some visitors are there who regularly visit some websites. They always want something new and exciting information on visiting websites. Hacking a website became very easy because so many hacking techniques are available in the market. So its one of most important responsibilities of taking care for your website. It can be done using a proper website maintenance program and keeping everything up to date.

Have a look at some of our work samples and you will know that our web developers do an awesome job ensuring that your website is designed with the best visibility across devices and platforms.

Updating website:

Without updating website you can’t get traffic for your website because whenever a visitor comes to see website the same is there and he/she don’t find anything new. So keep updating your website with new ideas.

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Updating products:

If your site has an ecommerce element to it then product updates are really important.It should not be forgotten adding your new product to your sitemap. Navigation to new product page should be updated. Including upcoming price changes is also a good procedure because it may rush purchases too.

Showing visitors what others are saying about your website is a tool of updating website. This is way to spread company news.

Maybe you have some feedback from visitors?

  • Fix a usability issue that has been mentioned.
  • Add a frequently asked question section to cut down on emails and phone calls asked these regular questions.
  • Time to add a blog if you have a regular website and do not have one already?
  • Did you join a social networking site or two? Add the appropriate button(s) and links to your social profiles.

Regular Website Maintenance Tasks:

There are some regular website maintenance tasks you should follow to get good results.

Backing Up Your Website: We cannot say that every day is same and safe. Your edits will be gone if the web hosting company restores what they had backed up even the server crashes for some reason or your site gets hacked.

Google Analytics:

If you can’t track web site’s performance then that is not good website at all. To give you real data on your website’s visitors we install and monitor Google Analytics. It provides all data regarding visitor like their place and time span on our web site. Use this data or hire a professional marketing specialist to get the best of your website

Following techniques are some of the best techniques which are regularly used for web maintenance.

  • Monitor Website Outages
  • Check Domain Registration Information
  • Test Website Speed
  • Custom development
  • Software Updates
  • Analyze Your Stats
  • Link Check
  • Traffic Stats
  • Pages entered on and left on
  • Countries your visitors are from
  • Keywords/phrase that were used to find you
  • Time spent on the site
  • Referring sites
  • Bounce rate
  • Search Engine Results
  • Reputation Management