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Ali Khan

Sales Manager
“Fortune Favors the Brave”

About our Sales Manager:

Mohammad Ali Khan is an enthusiastic and ambitious Marketing and Business Development Manager who helps the organization to expand the relationships with the clients and customers. Coordinates and builds the bridge between the technical and management staff to reach the organization goals. Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering gave him the knowledge of the advanced tools and technology in a software industry like SAP.

Ali Khan

He delivers best marketing strategies by understanding the customer needs. Adherence to the law and regulations he frames the contracts and arrange business meetings. Friendly to the staff by enriching the positive work atmosphere. Retaining the customers and brain storming to fulfill and resolve their requirements.

Skills that made him the best:

  • • Proven sales track record and work experience.
  • • Ability to build rapport
  • • Time management and planning skills.
  • • Market knowledge
  • • Communication and Negotiation skills