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Be Smart with Internet of Things (IoT)….!!!!

Are you not yet enjoying Internet of things?

Yes, I can say I am really enjoying with internet of things but in the same way, I’ll give same priority to safe side. Won’t you think it important to be safe? Yes, it is. With the highly growing artificial intelligence techniques enables the mankind to enjoy the unique privileges of information technology. Most of the companies like google, iRobot are providing best user services in these areas.

These companies collect highly personal data since they need to collaborate and make the applications work efficiently together. The geometrical measurements of the home and distance between the appliances are collected.

But when this sensitive information is being collected it is also very important to make sure that they secure the data of the consumers so that they trust the products. Data collection is an additional source of income for the companies and it also helps to improve the user experience.

Be aware of what you share!

Yes, you need to be safe as one of the recent rumors about iRobot is that it is selling the customers data to third party companies. This would increase the vulnerabilities in the system which pays a way for black hats to take control over the smart house, which is highly dangerous.

iRobot "has not had any conversations with other companies about selling data," stated Colin Angle, the company's CEO.

"iRobot will never sell customer data," he revealed to TechNewsWorld.

internet of things

"iRobot is committed to the security of our customers' data, which we take very seriously," he said. "We build security directly into the product development process from the beginning, at the time of ideation."

Both the Roomba robots and iRobot's network architecture "are continually reviewed by multiple third-party security agencies," Angle pointed out. We have a no-compromise attitude when it comes to product security."

Robot addresses consumer IoT "with the fundamental principles of security: secure data at rest, secure data in transit, secure execution, and secure updates," he explain"The company will never violate customer trust by selling or misusing customer-related data, including data collected by our connected products," Angle elaborated.ed.

I wonder How easy it is to gather someone’s data!

It has become so easy to collect the private information of anyone these days with internet of things. Electricity usage and other smart home applications gives lot of information to know what’s going on in one’s home.

Recent scenarios indicate that the purchase of these smart home appliances and voice activated devices has been incredibly increased. It is expected that there may be around 220 million smart home appliances across the globe by 2021.

Although it is advantages to user in many ways, there are also some serious threats to privacy of consumer. Safety will become the major issue.

"The ease with which an attacker can harvest and collect demographic and psychographic data on targets is astounding," said James Scott, senior fellow at the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology.

There is also threat to national security which is major project. With the use of artificial intelligence, big data algorithms and machine learning hackers can utilize this information and we cannot even expect to what extent there may be a threat to national integrity and intellectual rights of a person.


No IoT device is safe stated by tech experts

The data that is collected by smart home appliances is stored in cloud which is not safe to 100%. There are cases where the data has been stolen from cloud. Recently Swedish government announced that citizen’s personal information has been compromised when it started using the servers that are run by the IBM, one of the strongest cyber security systems.

Here’s to be Way to get Smart, Hurry Up..!

Since, we all know that internet severer has many loop holes and vulnerabilities which leads to several threats, it is said people who wish to keep their personal information safe are recommended not use the internet of things and smart house appliances.

“Make your house smart in smarter way which should includes of safety”