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iPhone 8 Tips and Tricks - Easy to Use

iPhone is one of the most wanted brand mobile phone that everyone love to use it. Isn’t it?

Yes, off course it has encoded with a multiple features which got people attention towards it even though it has declared as one of the costliest phone among all of others. But people are still facing some difficulty for operating this highly professional device, so here in this article will show some iPhone 8 tricks and tips will may end up in knowing and I assure you that you will be in master class in operating iPhone 8 device after all knowing the tips and tricks iphone 8 mentioned in this content.

So what else you are searching scroll down and find the interesting tricks and tips of iPhone 8.

Easy to Flick Password with iPhone 8:

We can change the six-digit password into four-digit password by modifying the settings. It would be an easy, just go to iPhone 8 settings and touch Id & pass code move to change password. Before you set the new password tap into pass code options and select four-digit password or alpha-numeric password.


Don’t worry; you can set as per you desired: Yes, this is true and well you can find this option in iPhone 8. Just set your new password on iPhone 8 mobile device as per your requirement. It would be an easy way to save time and remember password.

Managing your Time with Automated Messages – iPhone 8

When we are busy and unable to answer the phone calls then IOS provides an option like text message that would help us to give response to the phone call with text-message. Message button is available above the slide answer button.

By default there is optional written text under respond with and we can choose one of the options that required or we can change the text as per our needs. If we need to change the text go to settings and move to phone to do modifications in respond with text.

Set Vibrations instead of Ringtone - iPhone 8

Isn’t new features right? My answer will be yes. So let’s see how it can be done

To specify who is calling based on vibrations rather than checking the phone. It is easy part seem right and interesting too. You can set specific pattern on iPhone 8 like vibrating rather than specific ringtone. This can be set by moving into contacts and select the contact than click on edit button that place on the top of the right corner.


Move forward to vibration field and click. Then you can choose vibration pattern from assortment. Later if we move down you can add a specific pattern and you can click there to add specific rhythm or vibrate pattern.

Improve Battery Performance - iPhone 8

Don’t need to stick on battery usage and see the percentage all the time. It’s the time to say goodbye to all such thing and just follow few steps and make your battery performance even longer. Eagerly looking to know how it can be done. Follow few simple steps which are mentioned below,

If you use your phone continuously then maintain the battery in low power mode. It would come to existence when you enable the low power mode in battery that in settings.

Even though you enable this mode your phone works as usually and helpful for battery to stay long.

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