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Samsung latest technology –No More of Using Intel inside

2017 Samsung at its new trend - What’s happening?

2017, Samsung leading with the latest technology using giants and said bye bye to Intel inside. Shocking right?? Yes, but it is true Samsung now using with its inbuilt applications managing the entire requirement without any chip or Intel inside. Now it’s all about how? It’s finding something interesting right? Here in this article we will see the different technologies that Samsung is adopting and let us know the reasons behind them.

In the conference held earlier, Samsung clearly stated that they have dealing with the cost and effective working of chips rather than making high cost chips. In the meeting, Samsung said it’s just like semiconductor business which were recorded in the past months was just having revenue of 8 trillion ($7.2 billion. Thus it is recorded in operating income. During the April-June period, the revenue recorded of 17.6 trillion won ($15.8 billion).

With the aid of Intel the quarter income Samsung were recorded $14.4 billion.


This year Samsung’s semiconductordivision is widely expected to overtake Intel's sales.

Cycling of Chips used in Samsung?

In the year 2002:

Samsung electronic devices have largest supplies memory chips these are called DRAMS AND NANDS. DRAMS andNANDSfirst developed with memory chip 64mb and 8 GB. It was suitable for the computers, laptops and mobile phones of that generation but as of now these chips are no more supportive

Advance technology in the year 2012


In the year of 2012 expect three major supply of DRAMS used in different types of computers, server and handsets. Now here in 2012 it has been advance level of DRAMS chips were effectively used. It is because of mostdeveloped inbuilt programs that are equipped in the chips.

Here’s we go for #2017 Samsung:

Samsung stop using of Intel chips in most of the devices but as of now it has been designed with advance algorithms which works without any use of chip

Samsung memory chips high capability, with average selling prices of DRAMs and Samsung revenue forthe past year Samsung flash memory chip is doubled.

According to market research for the first time, the revenue of the global semiconductor is forecast 52 percent this year, reaching $400 billion.

According to market research the revenue expected for Samsung $62.6 billion sales. And also Intel expected $60 billion of sales.

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