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Facial Recognition System: Pro or a Con?

Got to be Picture Perfect all the time......

UK Supermarkets will put to trial a Facial Recognition system by next year says the Daily Mail. Soon the ID cards will get outdated because all that data that we need will be at the touch of finger, in our pockets and accessible anywhere and everywhere and there will be no need to produce hard copies as the data will be verified and without discrepancies.

Face Recognition

Technology – Step Ahead Towards Success

Is this a blessing or curse? Well, there are two sides to the coin. As the technology is advancing, we no longer need printed documents or money bill or four walls of an office to work under, with the existence of databases, e-wallets and computers, information is available within seconds. There is no waiting in long queues to pay utility bills, money transfer or tedious bank visits, all of the things happen according our convenience.

Steps involved in Facial Recognition Process?

Facial recognition, too, will bring more comfort as there won’t be any worry of carrying an ID every time during a trip to the supermarket, especially if you are there to buy liquor. According to the Daily Mail, the facial recognition system will work with the help of an app called Yoti, on which your passport and drivers license will be linked to provide appropriate age of the customer and avoid illegal possession of age- restricted item.

3 Simple Steps: Scan, Click, Buy...!

By scanning the QR code and Selfie recognition of the face of the customer this new system will be of tremendous help in controlling alcohol purchase by under-age individuals.It will probably also bring other benefits like paying the bill without actual notes or credit and debit cards. The information fed into the system can also help to do other functions than just recognize the face for an age bar.

No Need of Manual Labor, see how?

This system will be totally operated on a programmed computer so there won’t be a need of manual labor. The con is, with advancing technology, employment issues will increase.

This system can be used for various online businesses and applications that need authenticated information of the user. Transparency is a prime concern of the virtual world that we are living in, with a facial recognition system, both the service providers and user can be ensured of the security of their information, especially the ones that are principally connected with banking, online dating and work related services.

Trust is an essential element and if a service provider can gain the trust of its users, it will assuredly thrive; even a small discrepancy will put the company in jeopardy. Facial Recognition can do wonders to maintain security and avoid fraudulent services and customers.

This certainly will be a bump in the road for teenage parties that more than often involve excess alcohol possession and consumption. But that will certainly benefit the community and parents can be stress-free.

Face Recognition

Now Facial Recognition for Mobile Phone too….!!!!

Our phones, too, will soon have facial recognition system for unlocking which will be an upgrade to the fingerprint unlocking system. Apple has launched this feature in its new iPhone X and has already grabbed publics’ eyes.

We should just strap out sit belts tight and see where this “Technology” rollercoaster takes us and enjoy the benefits it has offer, to the fullest.


Anagha Daniel Gaikwad