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Google Announces 3 AI Powered Photography Apps for Excellent Selfies

Google Announces 3 AI Powered Photography Apps for Excellent Selfies

Google's Pixel phones again proved that the company is top on AI and photography. Now Google step into market with three new apps that use AI to make photography to avail more fun for users. Those three apps are named as Storyboard, Selfissimo and Scrubbies. These three Apps are not working for normal Smartphone. The Storyboard is only available for Android phones .The Scrubbies is only available for the iPhones. The Selfissimo is the most fun app of the three and this is available for both Android devices and iPhones also.

Images with three apps:

  • The Storyboard provides options for user to capture a sequence of images showing some action .Just imagine a person skating and jumping and then turn those photos into a comic strip.
  • The Selfissimo provides options for you to pose in front of the phone and then automatically click a selfie each time you change the pose.
  • The Scrubbies is completely a video app. It allows a user to change the video playback speed and create loops.

The three apps were announced in post on Google's Research Blog.

Google Announces 3 AI

Photography experiences with Google 3 AI:

Google has launched the first installment of a series of photography apps periments. These are usable and useful mobile photography experiences which built on experimental technology. Photography depends on object recognition, stylization algorithms; person segmentation, efficient image encoding and decoding technologies and most importantly fun.

Interesting facts about Selfissimo:

In these three apps, Selfissimo is the most fun generating app. "Selfissimo is an automated selfie photographer. It snaps a stylish black and white photo for your each every pose. The thing you have to start photoshoot is just tap the screen to start a photoshoot. Selfissimo captures a photo whenever you stop moving.

Excellent experimental apps:

These are experimental apps. They have limited functionality and are not going to appeal to everyone definitely. Another point to keep in mind that these apps use a lot of processing power for AI calculations. So they will probably run better only on high-end phones only. But these are really interesting apps. If they get good reception then it is even possible that they may become permanent part of Android camera app in future.

Google with photography:

Google is focusing on computational and AI-driven photography in Android, and in its own Pixel phones. All the recently launched Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL phones use AI and machine learning to offer consumers a very neat portrait mode. It identifies the outlines of people and then blurs the background. Earlier just to enable HDR+ mode that captures brilliant dynamic range in photos clicked with those phones Pixel and Nexus phones the company used AI. It processes the images to ensure that they have low noise and richer colours.